Maximize sales achievements with proven remote sales methods and advanced digital tools

6 webinar sessions

#1  April 20
Prospecting & Lead Nurturing

  • Build your customer profile
  • Collect prospects Internally
  • Collect prospects Externally
  • Organize your list for maximum success
  • How to work with the list regularly
  • From prospect to lead

#2 April 23
Advanced remote communication
tools & skills

  • Email sales
  • Sales Call
  • Video Conference – Digital Meeting

#3  May 4
Dealing with failure situations and (digital) objections

  • Neglection & Avoidance by the customer
  • Lack of urgency
  • Objections
  • Customer requires significant resources
  • Consolidate all information you are gathering internally to create a quick reaction kit and templates.

#4  May 7
Manage endless number of customer with less resources

  • Build your own sales machine
  • Templates – keep being personal when working in bulks
  • Automations
  • Sales Productivity hacks

#5  May 11
Effective Digital Account Management

  • Account mapping & SLA
  • Routines per segment
  • Opportunities hacking
  • Choose & Focus on your champions!
  • Reports info and insights for action

#6  May 14
Case Studies, Brainstorming, Q&A

  • 2 “Remote Sale” Case Studies from Bseller’s global accounts
  • 5 Student Case Studies with new value to the course
  • Group exercise – Digital business
  • Q&A
  • Summary
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