Yair & Liron shared insights about changes in sales processes, customer expectations and available new tools to improve business results.

Checks and balances on sales funnels

Every sales beginner is familiar with the “Law of large numbers”. It’s an easy statistical logic to understand that not every customer is going to say “Yes”, therefore, to meet sales targets, you need more money in the funnel than the target itself. It’s common to think that the more potential deals you have in the funnel is better. However, these days, with the ease of generating new leads online, I would like to challenge this assumption and share with you 3 checkpoints you should think about before pumping your funnel with more and more leads.

Small talks and sales conversations in 2020

Sales are all about conversations. Small talk is one type of conversation a sales professional needs to master in order to create trust and comfortable buying atmosphere. A good small talk, also sets the stage for the core sales conversations which will arrive later in the process.

Management Skills and “Broken Window” Theory

The “Broken Window” theory came from the world of Criminology, arguing that serious crimes are likely to take place where visible signs of Vandalism, anti-social behavior, civil disorder etc. are observed.

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