About us

Bseller was founded by Liron Kaplan. A highly successful Sales & Business Development executive who actively led sales teams across industries and countries to improve business results, achieve ambitious growth targets and build stronger sales organizations. Capable of handling versatile, new world challenges. Working with Bseller is an opportunity to learn from leading experts with significant and successful Hands-On experience.

Liron Kaplan

Growth Specialist with proven success in leading, recruiting and training winning sales teams across multiple products and industries. Experienced in penetrating new global markets, development of local partners and distribution networks in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

Marketing strategist with over 15 years as senior executive leading organizations through digital transformation with new lead generation strategies, CRM systems and automation implementation.

Passionate and award-winning public speaker. Giving the crowd a unique and insightful experience. 


Pipedrive is one of the world’s leading CRM companies. The company is originally from Estonia and became a globally recognized brand with their advanced sales approach. 

The Pipedrive system allows us to create competitive advantages, improove sales team over time and prepare companies for the use of automation and A.I. in customer conversations. 

Integromat automation platform allows the creation and maintenance of smart business automation scenarios with an ever growing number of apps and services.

With Integromat, we can transfer data and initiate actions between different systems to avoid silos, increase productivity and intelligence. 

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